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The Interesting Facts on Wolves we All Need to Know

Growing up and watching all those Hollywood flicks, many have had a misconceived idea on wolves, seeing them as unfriendly and brutal creatures from the wild and as such the friends from the wild have been the object of scorn and lots of human inflicted and propagated brutalities. In as much as this is the case, the fact is that all these are all but misleading information and can best be said to be lies created from the scenes of the movies. We will be making such a deliberate attempt in this post to get some of the basic facts, fun facts, that you need to know about wolves so as to get to accept them and appreciate them as an essential part of the natural ecosystem.

One commonly so propagated a myth about wolves is that they happen to be as fatal and a deadly menace to humans. By and large, the fact is that wolves are not as fatal animals and creatures as we may have been so led to believe over the years. The truth you need to know is that wolves will never attack unless they have been so provoked to attack. In fact, documented records and stats tell of a whole different story, wolf attacks are far much lower in fatal attacks as opposed to the attacks by even some of the domesticated animals.

Added to these, wolves develop such strong social bonds. Wolves have been known to be so good at showing affection to their loved ones and family members even going all the way to laying their own lives for the sake of getting to protect the family unit.

The wolf species that has indeed been the object of lots of the atrocities and brutalities meted on the wolves by humans has been the grey wolf. The saddening thing is that this grey wolf is one that has not done a thing to warrant such treatment. Essentially what happens to be the case is that this is an animal that is suffering a villain of the atrocities of the results of the misconceptions we have been seeing in movies and the fairy tales we have been told and hold to while we fail to take stock of the unique attributes that are possessed by the grey wolf, such as it being so sociable and intelligent. As a result of this, we have seen such a high number of us live in fear of the grey wolf that has as such made them be an object of much persecution than that meted on any other animal. But one thing that has kept it stay around and escape extinction on the face of the earth has been its high intelligence.

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