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Dog Walkers – Tips on Finding the Right One

Dogs need their daily dose of exercise. Smaller dog breeds don’t need as much exercise the same way bigger dogs do, but the two dog breeds will typically require at least 1 to 2 hours daily. Dogs will get bored if they don’t get the proper amount of physical activity daily and will resort to mischievous acts. If you are too busy to walk your dog for this amount of time every day, then a dog walker is the best service for you.

A dog walker will be able to walk your dog for the right amount of time every day. A dog coming home from a walk will be a lot more happier and calmer. Your dog will be more docile and will less likely misbehave. The walks are also good for the health of your dog and as a bonus, they will also have the chance to relieve themselves while they are out for a walk.

You can also ask your dog walker to perform certain tasks on the way if they agree. You can ask your dog walker to watch over your home while you are away, pick up the mail on the way back returning your dog, or even water your plants for a bit. They will most likely charge you for additional tasks aside from walking your dog, this will most likely cost you more.

A Few Suggestions when Hiring Dog Walkers
A walker is supposed to not just have an obsession for dogs but should also be trained in handling them. They are supposed to understand dog handling, behavior and safety. It is best if you can find a person with enough experience looking after dogs and is thus a certified dog walker already.

Walkers are supposed to have insurance. This is going to cover him as well as the dog in case something happens. Make sure that your walker has a license especially if this is a requirement in your state/city.

Don’t forget to request for references all the time. Talk as well to these individuals to guarantee that dog walker performs a satisfactory job. You do not wish to leave your dog with just anybody, don’t you?

Does your pet dog take to the walker straight away? Canines are able to sense much about people, so when your dog seemed to shy away from a walker, you should probably find someone else.

If your pet dog has some sort of special needs, then find a walker who is trained to deal with those needs.

Find out about the fees of dog walkers around your neighborhood. This will be helpful for you to know whether or not a walker is charging the correct prices during the interview.

If you can follow the above mentioned suggestions you will not encounter any problem at all when looking for dog walking services near me.

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